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Bill Schweber

Bill Schweber (Jaffa Eng'g) is an EE who has written three textbooks, hundreds of technical articles, opinion columns, and product features. He worked as a web-site manager for for EE Times, as well as both the Executive Editor and Analog Editor at EDN. At Analog Devices, Bill was in marketing communications (PR) and on the other side of the PR function, presenting and company products, stories, and messages to the media. Prior to Analog, Bill worked in product marketing and applications engineering groups. Bill also did hands-on analog- and power-circuit design and systems integration for materials-testing machine controls at Instron Corp. He has an MSEE (Univ. of Mass) and BSEE (Columbia Univ.), is a Registered Professional Engineer, and holds an Advanced Class amateur radio license. Bill has also planned, written, and presented on-line courses on a variety of engineering topics, including MOSFET basics, ADC selection, and driving LEDs.


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