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Jack Crenshaw

Jack Crenshaw is a systems engineer and the author of Math Toolkit for Real-Time Programming. He holds a PhD in physics from Auburn University. E-mail him at jcrens@earthlink.net.

The Kiss Principle

The term KISS is an acronym for “Keep It Simple, Stupid” and the punch line of a joke. But the principle is deadly serious. Albert…


This originally appeared in Jack Crenshaw's SimpleVec series in Programmer's Toolbox column. Code used for matrix and vector mathematics. This SimpleVec.zip files unzips to include…


From “Reusing code and invertiing matrices” by Jack Crenshaw, Programmer's Toolbox, August 2008, ESD/ESP magazine. This code file SimpleMat.cpp is a very simple set of…


Jack Crenshaw, “The matrix reprogrammed” (April 2008, ESD magazine). This piece of code defines the entry point for the console application.


Too much

Time had not been good to the tree-lined street. Once, tradespeople had walked from the neat row of small cottages to their jobs in town….