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Jim Turley

Jim Turley is contributing editor on Embedded.com. He wrote the column Significant Bits in Embedded Systems Programming magazine and served as the editorial director of the Embedded Systems Programming/Design magazine, Embedded.com, and the Embedded Systems Conference. He's written several books, including Essential Guide to Semiconductors, Advanced 80386 Programming Techniques, and PCs Made Easy. Jim Turley now runs Silicon Insider, an independent consultancy. For more info on Jim Turley, go to http://www.jimturley.com/stuff/about-jim-turley.

So this is progress

Embedded systems are evolving in exciting ways but our design methods are out of date. Editor's note: Jim Turley started writing about semiconductors for Embedded…


Significant Bits

Jim Turley writes about semiconductors for embedded systems developers. The column was originally published in Embedded Systems Programming magazine. 

Getting the boot

My PC is probably a lot like yours. It takes about two and a half minutes to boot, an eternity to most people. Here are…

Semiconductors on a train

What makes semiconductor manufacturing so different. The silicon chip business has some unusual economic characteristics that you won't find in most other industries. In most…

Farewell, x86

Farewell, x86All good things must come to an end. After more than 20 years, Intel is pulling the plug on its embedded x86 processors. The…