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Kirill Brazhnikov

Hi! My name is Kirill Brazhnikov and I am a software engineer at Auriga. My experience includes low-level software development (host-target development model) in RTOS LynxOS-178 and system programming in Linux. Also, I participated in Continuous Integration team as a test automation engineer, so I worked with Jenkins (pipelines) and Perl to automate a command line. I have 7 years' experience in C programming including IPC, multithreading, system programming in user-space under Linux. My work with LynxOS-178 was connected with porting Linux and FreeBSD solutions to LynxOS-178 and participating in the certification process. In a Linux project, I was responsible for porting Windows code gathering different hardware diagnostic information to Linux. My hobby is programming AVR microcontrollers, Raspberry PI and learning new programming languages. Currently, I am interested in Rust.