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Nathan Padoin

Nathan is an embedded software engineer at ByteSnap Design in the UK. After gaining his computer science degree at the University of Southampton, Nathan joined ByteSnap, an award-winning electronics design consultancy. He works on embedded systems projects – control systems and multimedia devices, amongst others - across several markets, such as industrial and AI. Nathan’s expertise includes Linux and Android BSP development. ByteSnap Design (http://www.bytesnap.co.uk/) is a specialist in innovative embedded systems development encompassing hardware and software design with an international client list. ISO 9001:2008 certified, ByteSnap Design is an NXP Partner and an ARM Connected Community Partner. The team’s experience ranges from electronic design to iOS, Android and Windows mobile app development. An award-winning consultancy, ByteSnap Design also has experience of electronic circuit design, microcontroller design, Linux and embedded software development, designing hardware products from wireless sensors to ruggedized tablets with multiple software projects such as developing Android BSPs through to video processing applications.