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Paul Master has over 30 years experience in high tech development and management in both start-up company environments and large corporations. His previous roles included positions as CEO, CTO, VP of Engineering, VP of Systems Engineering, VP of Architecture, and Director of Marketing among others. He has held positions in multiple startups, as well as larger companies such as The Boeing Company, ARGOSystems, & ACER America. Master has had the privilege of helping ship one of the industry’s first high capacity Digital Transmultiplexer, the first 3D Seismic Array Correlator, the first Cascaded Integrated Comb Filter ICs, the first Smart Antenna Cellular Base Station and the first parallel gzip decompression implementation. Master helped start and commercialize the field of Reconfigurable Computing. Master has over 100 patents issued or pending, over 35 professional publications and 13 first pass ASIC successes to his credit. He has been keynote speaker and conference speaker at a variety of technical conferences dealing with multi-core, reconfigurable computing, FPGA, Software Defined Radio, Computer Architectures and Big Data. His specialties are low power architectures, many-core processors, digital signal processing, software defined radio, massively parallel computing, and telecommunications. He is currently working with Big Data and Machine Learning. Master received a B.A. in Computer Science from the University of California at Berkeley, and a M.S. in Computer Science and Engineering from Santa Clara University. Paul Master is CTO at Cornami Inc.