Rajan Bedi, Author at Embedded.com

Rajan Bedi

Rajan is CEO of Spacechips Ltd, which provides industrial R&D and Space-Electronics design consultancy services to manufacturers of satellites and spacecraft around the world. Spacechips also provides technical marketing services as well as product roadmap, business strategy and industry-trend advice to suppliers of space-grade microelectronics. The company offers clients answers to the following questions: what types of parts will the space industry require in the future, why will these be needed, where will they be used, by whom and when? Spacechips also offers global training in Space Electronics for manufacturers of satellites and spacecraft. For the very first time, our novel courses teach and compare space-grade and COTS FPGAs, ADCs/DACs, isolated DC-DCs and POLs, allowing OEMs to make independent and informed technology decisions. Prior to founding Spacechips, Rajan headed the Mixed-Signal Design Group at Astrium (now Airbus Defence and Sapce) for twelve years. He developed the Space-Electronics for telecommunication, navigation, Earth-observation and science missions.Rajan is also the author of the popular monthly blog on Space Electronics, Out-of-this-World-Design.