Automated build manager eyes activity across an enterprise -

Automated build manager eyes activity across an enterprise


Glencoe, Ill.— Release 6.4 of Openmake, a tool that automatically manages the application build process, features project build activity scheduling and tracking, reporting tools for knowledge-base metrics and analysis, and added support for IBM- and Eclipse-based software development and PERL environments. The tool replaces laborious and time-consuming “make” and ANT/XML manual scripting.

The heart of the upgrade is a build manager, which monitors build activity across an enterprise, whether local or remote, in real time. In particular, the build manager shows detail of the status and dependencies of each step, important for developers using agile or continuous development or executing multiple parallel builds at the same time.

In addition, the new version of Openmake executes the build stream in parallel, based on the dependency of the source objects. The result is faster results and early reporting of each task's completion via the build manager.

Another added feature is a build audit report, which replaces the text-based bill of materials report of earlier versions. The audit report traces each object that goes into the build process, including version information for each source dependency.

Also, Java J2EE developers will appreciate this latest version's ability to manage multiple deployment descriptors. In addition, build types have been added to automate the building of multiple “.wars” and “.ears” that require changes to the deployment descriptor configuration. Support for Perl 5.8 has also been added.

Openmake 6.4 is available now, with prices starting at $300 per developer seat.

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