Automated tools test PCI Express devices -

Automated tools test PCI Express devices


LeCroy's automated test suite for PCI Express testing and validation, the SDA PCI Express (SDA-PCIE-G2) software package, works in conjunction with the company's serial data analyzers (SDA) and PCI Express protocol-analysis and traffic-generation tools. The result is a series of tools that give engineers insight into next-generation design challenges, while also improving time-to-market.

The PCI Express software package includes parametric testing for Gen 1 and preliminary testing support for Gen 2, which can be upgraded as the specification evolves. By providing support for high-speed PCI Express with amplitude, jitter, and eye analysis software, designers can evaluate standards compliance using the latest high-bandwidth measurement tools, including the SDA11000 digital serial oscilloscope and the D11000PS active differential probe. The SDA11000 analyzer provides for 11-GHz overall system bandwidth.

The SDA PCI Express software package includes X-Replay, an application framework where every saved experimental result resides in a ODBC-compliant database. A report generation engine, which interfaces with the underlying Microsoft Access-compatible database, facilitates the creation of custom text/graphics based reports. The SDA-PCIE-G2 sells for $5995. For additional information, visit the LeCroy web site at

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