Automatic schematic generation takes in Perl -

Automatic schematic generation takes in Perl

Freiburg, Germany — Concept Engineering has added Perl capability to its Nlview Widgets family and signed third party agreements with Atrenta (San Jose, CA), Nassda (Santa Clara, CA) and Prover Technology (Stockholm, Sweden).

Nlview Widgets are GUI building blocks, which allow EDA tools manufacturers to build schematic generation and viewing capabilities into their graphical user interfaces (GUIs), whichever development environment they are using.

Environments supported include Tk, Java, Microsoft's Foundation Classes, and Trolltech's Qt Framework. The NlviewPTK Widget now provides support for Perl/Tk. Widgets also provide built-in end-user customisable functionality.

Atrenta is the first licensee of Concept Engineering's NlviewPTK Widget incorporating it into SpyGlass to allow users to display a schematic of synthesized logic and cross-probe between RTL code and the schematic. Design rule violations are highlighted in both the schematic and the source code so users can better understand design problems and quickly find solutions.

Prover Technology has signed an OEM agreement with Concept Engineering for the right to use NlviewQT Widget in the Prover equivalence checker to improve schematic viewing capabilities and boost debugging.

Nassda are now selling Concept's SpiceVision PRO – which produces transistor-level schematics from complex SPICE descriptions – integrated with its CRITIC and HANEX digital circuit analysis software.

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