Automotive specialist gains quality approval -

Automotive specialist gains quality approval


CAMBRIDGE, England — Pi Technology, an automotive systems specialist, has become one of the first automotive companies to meet the ISO/IEC 15504 (SPICE) standard at level 3.

As software controls more and more of a car's performance and features, software development is both critical and as project schedules get shorter and the pressure on software development costs increases, the potential recall and safety issues due to electronic systems' malfunction become ever more significant.

To address this vehicle manufacturers have new standards with respect to software quality. ISO/IEC15504 (SPICE) assessment requires companies to submit to detailed examination of the process they follow and the quality they achieve.

Pi Technology has sought independent assessment to the ISO/IEC 15504 (SPICE) standard for software process assessment and has achieved target capability level 3 in the range of eighteen processes demanded by the European motor vehicle manufacturers. Pi says most companies are still working at level 2 or below.

The assessment was performed by a team of assessors authorised by Ford of Europe and the Fiat group of companies. The team comprised Alec Dorling, the international convener of the ISO standardisation project and the international SPICE project manager from Impronova (Sweden), and Giuseppe Lami from ISTI-CNR (Italy).

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