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Avago ships 8-Gbit/s SFP+ LR transceiver for Fibre Channel


San Jose, Calif.—Avago Technologies announced availability of the industry's first 8 Gbit/s SFP+ LR (Long Reach) optical transceivers for Fibre Channel applications.

Avago's AFCT-57D5ATPZ optical transceiver operates over single-mode optical fiber at signaling rates up to 8.5 GBd for distances up to 10 km. The Fibre Channel SFP+ transceiver couples transmitter optics with electromagnetic interference (EMI) performance. The transceiver also enables the production of high port density, standards-based 8 Gb/sec storage area network (SAN) applications, such as inter-switch links, storage replication and other long-reach networks.

Based on Avago's 1310 nm DFB laser, the AFCT-57D5ATPZ is compliant with industry 8.5/4.25/2.125 GBd Fibre Channel specifications. Avago's transceiver supports RoHS requirements and provides real time monitoring of transmitted optical power, receive optical power, laser bias current, temperature and supply voltage information. The AFCT-57D5ATPZ's digital diagnostic interface also adds the ability to disable the transmitter, monitor for transmitter faults and monitor for receiver loss of signal.

The AFCT-57D5ATPZ complements Avago's AFBR-57D5APZ multimode optical transceiver with a 150 m reach that was released in early 2008.

Pricing: Begins at $200 in volume.
Availability: Now.
Datasheet: Click here.

Avago Technologies, www.avagotech.com

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