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Avalue introduces advanced ARC industrial tablet PCs

Avalue Technology’s modular and scalable ARC-series 1209/1509 tablet computers are rugged and can be upgraded flexibly, gaining widespread industrial adoption in recent years. Riding on the success of the ARC series, Avalue is introducing an advanced version – the highly scalable and modular ARC-series 1232/1532 tablet computers. Besides shortening the time-consuming system development process and lowering overall management cost, rapidly expanding functions and allowing easy maintenance, and enabling industrial automation, the advanced version features low power consumption and high-performance computing, allowing for optimized performance in IoT applications. Featuring characteristics of a rugged PC, it is shockproof, waterproof and operates at wide temperature range. The highly scalable and modular ARC-series 1232/1532 tablet computers are ideal for industrial automation, human-machine interface, and vehicular system.

Avalue’s ARC-series 1232/1532 modular industrial computers are equipped with the structure for easy upgrading and flexible scalability. Users may choose their preferred processor, panel size, 5-wire resistive touch screen (with front bezel; Model A) or p-cap multi-touch (with full-flat touch screen; Model B) to meet their industrial requirements, and combine them with ARC-series highly scalable I/O interface expansion ports, including USB3.0, HDMI, isolated RS, and GPIO and CAN bus. Avalue ARC-series 1232/1532 tablet computers allow users to build their industrial computers rapidly in accordance with the required specifications, location and budget, and is easy to maintain and provides flexibility for upgrading.

ARC-series 1232/1532 tablet computers utilize Intel Core i5-6300U 2.4GHz dual core processor and support DDR4 2133 SO-DIMM memory, bringing breakthrough in computing performance for thin and lightweight industrial computers, balancing performance and low power consumption. With its fanless design, and IP65 and IP41 dust ingress protection in the front and rear of its enclosure respectively, Avalue ARC-series 1232/1532 tablet computers may be used in high-dust factory environment. 12-26V DC wide voltage input provides a stable power source, preventing system damage caused by poor-quality power source; and wide temperature range and MIL-STD-810G certified shock resistance allow industrial control system to operate normally in a harsh environment. Furthermore, touchscreen panel module may be customized with anti-UV optical bonding or anti-reflective/ anti-glare/ anti-fingerprint coating for visibility under sunlight in an outdoor or semi-outdoor operating environment.

The choice of touchscreen panel includes 5-wire resistive touch screen (Model A) which is operable even with gloved hands and p-cap multi-touch screen (Model B) which is anti-scratch, heat-resistant and has higher light penetration ratio. The advanced version also enables rugged operation at a wide temperature range and high shock resistance, making it ideal for human-machine interface, smart factory, automated equipment and vehicular system, and IoT applications.

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