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Avalue launches Renity Sentinel V3.0 cloud-based device management software

Avalue launch Renity Sentinel V3.0 which is a Cloud-based device management software, and allows IT administrator to remote any devices over the internet.  It offers more new features to improve productivity and usability for IT administrators’ needs including system monitoring (e.g. operating system information, CPU loading, memory usage, system temperature, voltage, and storage usage), system backup/restore/update at one time, and benefit easy to remote client computers anywhere for timesaving of maintenance work.

Renity Sentinel V3.0 provides a friendly notification by email, mobile phone, even messaging apps to bridge IT administrators to easily track any status changes or upcoming issue, and fix the problems remotely. Furthermore, it leverages cloud-based service that enables customers to support and collaborate their client globally in faster remote management and stability and security connectivity.

The latest version is designed for straightforward user interface with optimized features to let user remotely monitor the multiple targets in real time.  It provides intuitive custom setting and flexible device grouping for the device management which let customers can setup their rules and alerts to improve the IT management and clients’ experience, and also can view or monitor the system information proactively with visualization dashboard, and find or solve the issues quickly.

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