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Avnet uses Abacus name for IP&E revamp

LONDON — Avnet Abacus is the new name for Avnet's assault on the top spot for European distribution of interconnect, passives, electromechanical, power supplies and batteries – generally referred to as IP&E.

The operation unifies the strengths of Avnet Time and the associated products represented by the Abacus Group, which was acquired by Avnet in January 2009.

Graham McBeth, formerly managing director at Abacus Group, has been named as president of Avnet Abacus, reporting to Patrick Zammit, president of Avnet Electronics Marketing EMEA.

“The two businesses are a perfect fit strategically and culturally and have been very successful independently,” said Zammit. “Avnet Abacus is set to deliver a first-class product and service solution across Europe. I am convinced that in this case 1 and 1 equals more than 2, for customers, for suppliers and for Avnet.”

McBeth leads a pan-European organisation with aggregate gross sales in 2008 of over €300 million through 45 offices in 19 countries. In the 2008 financial year Avnet Time's gross sales were €152million while the IP&E portion of Abacus sales was €178million.

“Our expanded linecard and extended technology focus is supported by an exceptional team of product specialists based across Europe,” added McBeth. “These product specialists work with the customer at the system level, integrating components, assemblies and cables to provide a solution that meets or exceeds the design brief.”

Headquartered in Poing, Germany, Avnet Abacus has over 450 staff supporting in excess of 13,000 customers with products from 42 pan-European franchised suppliers and complimented by a further range of around 140 local suppliers. It has 59,000 stock lines with an inventory value of €55million

Avnet Abacus will have a IP&E warehouse at the Avnet European distribution centre, in Tongeren, Belgium with a local warehouse in the U.K. The division intends to unify its IT platform by the end of the year with Germany and France already completed.

The latest Europartners distribution research figures for 2008 indicated that Arrow has IPE sales of around €567million in Europe with the combined Avnet Abacus having sales of €321million of a total market available to distributors (DTAM) of €4.7billion.

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