Award turns camera design into reality -

Award turns camera design into reality


Wootton, UK — Designer and manufacturer of line cameras and miniature spectrometers, Spectronic Devices, has received a Department of Trade and Industry Small Business Service SMART awards to assist in the development of a dual channel line camera.

The camera will be suitable for use in a number of applications including dual channel spectroscopy, wide bandwidth spectroscopy and dual channel metrology. Its design fits two types of detector into one camera which means that a spectrograph only requires single detector output.

The patented camera uses two completely separate linear arrays mounted so that they are facing each other and a prism arrangement positioned so that one beam will strike one of the linear arrays while the second beam will hit the linear array opposite.

A simple mechanical adjustment has the effect of apparently varying the spacing between the two arrays when in fact they are firmly fixed. In this way the optical spacing between the two detectors can be varied from 0 to 15mm.

Linear arrays of any type may be used including photo-diode, NIR(InGaAs), low cost CCD, and CMOS. Even mixing array types is possible; one array could be a silicon photodiode with the other an InGaAs, thus giving a single camera a spectral response from 200nm to 1700nm.

Les Cronin, Spectronic Devices' founder and managing director, said, “Without this award it would be very difficult for a small company like ours to overcome the barriers to turning an invention into a commercially successful innovation. Now, we can see the route to rapid commercialisation of a new product that will have real impact.”

First production models of the Duoflex camera will be available in January.

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