Awesome Arduino Show & Tell at ESC Minneapolis 2015 -

Awesome Arduino Show & Tell at ESC Minneapolis 2015

One of the sessions I'm really looking forward to at the forthcoming Embedded Systems Conference (ESC) in Minneapolis, MN, November 4-5, 2015, is the Awesome Arduino Show & Tell.

Since this session is to be held in the Fantastical Theatre of Engineering Innovation, it will be open to all attendees, including those sporting a Free Demo Hall Pass.

This session will feature engineers and makers presenting their home-built, Arduino-based devices and explaining how they were constructed. Of course, I'm going to be bringing a little something of my own to demonstrate — you couldn’t keep me away, even if you were waving a big stick!

As you may recall from previous columns, I have all sorts of Arduino-based projects on-the-go here in my office, but most of them are too large to transport (like my BADASS Display, for example). However, I do have one project that's small enough to bring along — my entry for our Capriciously Cunning Chronograph Competition.

Now, in addition to functioning as a clock, I'm planning on augmenting my entry with all sorts of scintillating sensors and fascinating functions. For example, I have a spare spectrum analyzer shield left over from the BADASS Display, so — as you can see in this video — I've added this shield into “my precious.”

I'm sorry this video cuts off a tad abruptly at the end — the batteries died in my camera (give me strength; I'm too young for all this excitement). As you will observe, I'm currently still using my prototype-jig, but — by the time I bring this pert and pulchritudinous little beauty to ESC Minneapolis — I intend for the little scamp to be presented in a consummate cabinet so temptingly tasty that all who see it will dribble and drool with desire.

Do you have a capriciously cunning Arduino-based creation of your own? If so, why not bring it to the Awesome Arduino Show & Tell and share it with the rest of us on stage. Contact the host of this session — the Executive Editor of EDN, Suzanne Deffree () — to let her know what you’ve got to show.

Please note that we have only a limited number of time slots on stage, so don’t be too sad if Suzanne has to turn you away. But if she does, don’t cry for too long because there's more! Immediately following the Awesome Arduino Show & Tell , we'll be having a two-hour Arduino Meet & Greet in another room that will boast beverages and snacks (you don’t have to stay for the full two hours of course — you can just wander in and out as you wish). This will be a chance for anyone who has anything to do with the Arduino — including engineers, makers, and even suppliers — to network furiously with each other and make useful contacts for future projects.

You can bet I'll be at this Arduino Meet & Greet bouncing around like a … well, a thing that bounces around exuberantly, I suppose — think Tigger from Winnie the Pooh (“The wonderful thing about Tiggers, Is Tiggers are wonderful things! […] They're bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy…” ; click here to see the video of the Tigger song). I'll be the Tigger in the Hawaiian shirt, so I'll be easy to spot

So, have you registered for ESC Minneapolis yet? If not, why not? All I can say is that you'd better sign up quickly before all the good seats are taken!

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  1. “Max, I'd love to join you but sadly I won't be able to make. I have a few Arduino projects of my own I could share. Like my 3D cube, LED clock, LED light panel (similar to your BADASS display) and of course my hallway lighting (couldn't possibly take that

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  2. “Hi Steve — I really wish you could make it and bring your cube and your clock.nnI'm very much looking forward to seeing you the week after ESC Minneapolis in England and comparing out clocks side-by-side.”

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