Azoteq’s projected capacitive touchscreen is multi-touch -

Azoteq’s projected capacitive touchscreen is multi-touch

The IQS550-TS43 4.3” multi-touch projected capacitive touchscreen from Azoteq is the first capacitive touchscreen solution to cost less than resistive touchscreens, according to the company. The touchscreen with the IQS550 projected capacitive controller interface board is priced at $9.10 in 1K quantities.

The IQS550-TS43 combines a 4.3” touch screen with the IQS550 controller to provide 3584 x 2304 touch resolution and supports scan rates up to 100 Hz and multi-touch up to 5 fingers. The IQS550 communicates through an I2C interface to a host controller.

Azoteq provides a driver for quick integration into an existing system, a CT210 I2C to USB adapter, and the IQS5xx GUI for debugging on a PC. The IQS550-TS43 features a proximity mode that allows <10uA current in standby while still sensing proximity. More information

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