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b-plus: lossless decoupling of raw data with time-stamps

Along with increasing sensor data rates (e.g. camera and radar data), the challenges of loss-free acquisition of raw data are also rising. The b-plus solution MDILink is located on the sensor end and enables lossless decoupling of raw data with time-stamps from e.g. a serial link/LVDS camera interface.

For this purpose, the MDILink offers corresponding high-performance interfaces. The logging of new and high-resolution sensor data supports the further development of algorithms and thus supports the development of better ECU software. For a sensor manufacturer, this means faster positioning on the market.

In addition, the receipt of time-synchronous data from various sensors in the vehicle is ensured by means of an MDI link in combination with the ethernet time synchronization mechanism CTSS of b-plus. This is essential for the subsequent evaluation of the data. In comparison to other providers, the data is provided with a time stamp very early on, i.e. at the data source. Others usually allocate it only at the software level in the logger.

Due to accelerating innovation cycles in the field of sensor technology, developers want a fast adaptation of the converter to the sensor frontend. For projects, b-plus offers flexible specific customizations. The MDILink firmware can be used for everything from basic settings to complex tasks. This can include, for example, sensor programming, synchronization via the computer, of course, the transfer of sensors to 10Gbit Ethernet interfaces and many other future requirements and functions such as data compression and conversion. The flexible customization options of the measuring technology adapter enables the developer to react quickly to new tasks.

In addition to flexible programming, the hardware is also available in a modular design. In addition to the standard variants, customer-specific adaptations can be implemented without any problems. Especially in the first prototyping developments you need a fast solution to realize projects faster.

Ultimately, the robust design including power supply enables not only laboratory tests but also the use in further test situations directly in the vehicle. This flexible placement of the MDI link enables raw data in the vehicle body to be decoupled close to the sensor and then forwarded to central logger or computing units.

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