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b-plus: server performance for development of algorithms and artificial intelligence

For computing-intensive applications such as the development of algorithms or artificial intelligence in vehicles, b-plus offers the robust 19″ Dual-CPU Server platform “DATALynx ATX3”. An integrated short-time UPS specifically for this performance class in combination with a CPU liquid cooling system for high operating temperatures now allows high-end CPU and graphics performance up to +60°C in the automotive environment.

Compared to its competitors, the new ATX3 is characterized by its special power supply and UPS, which was developed according to the requirements of the LV124 specification. Because the usual automotive power supply is not constant, the DATALynx ATX3 can also be operated without external protections in the event of voltage interruptions, under voltage and overvoltage. The connection to an additional UPS and the use of additional backup batteries or external voltage transformers is therefore no longer necessary.

For the microcontroller based UPS, the developer receives an additional configuration software, which allows temperature monitoring, fan control and status information on the system and integrated battery, and in addition also allows the adjustment of the UPS behavior. For example, you can configure whether controlled shutdown is more important for data security in the event of a power failure or whether logging as long as possible is more important for a higher data volume.

In contrast to the predecessor version DATALynx ATX2, the ATX3 can now take two CPUs and two graphics cards up to 850W instead of one CPU and one graphics card. With b-plus liquid cooling for processors and the use of industrial components, the smooth operation of the system up to an operating temperature of +60°C is guaranteed without any loss of performance. Thanks to the compact design of the liquid cooling connection, the mechanical load that is usually placed on the CPU and mainboard by large heat sinks is much lower, thus enabling extremely efficient cooling even with increased vibration requirements.

The robust basic system of the DATALynx ATX3 with up to 10 internal drives has been specially designed for use in the automotive environment. For the development of tomorrow, the platform with the new Storage Add-On now offers an extension of up to 12 additional removable drives. The 7 PCIe expansion slots also underline the great flexibility offered by the system.

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