Baseband processor fits 3.5G handsets -

Baseband processor fits 3.5G handsets


Infineon Technologies announced sample availability of its latest baseband processor for 3.5G multimedia mobile handsets. The S-GOLD3H provides data rates of up to 7.2 Mbit/s and combines several functions in one IC. It's the heart of the company's next-generation mobile multimedia platform, which it calls the MP-EH, supporting HSDPA (High-Speed Downlink Packet Access) data rates. Other components of the MP-EH are a power management chip, SM-Power3; an RF transceiver, SMARTi 3GE; a six-band WCDMA and quad-band EDGE RF transceiver; a Bluetooth transceiver, Bluemoon UniCellular; an A-GPS (Assisted GPS) positioning single-chip, Hammerhead; and a low-power WLAN chip, Wildcard LP.

The S-GOLD3H supports GSM, EDGE, GPRS and WCDMA networks. Further information is available at

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