Battery fuel gauge enables customized algorithms -

Battery fuel gauge enables customized algorithms


The DS2790 is a programmable one-cell Li-ion (Li+) fuel gauge and protector. With its integrated 16-bit microcontroller, ample program and data memory, and accurate measurement system for battery current, voltage, and temperature, the Dallas Semiconductor DS2790 permits customized fuel-gauging algorithms.

The microcontroller core is supported by a 16-level hardware stack, which enables fast subroutine calling and task switching. Data can be quickly and efficiently manipulated with three internal data pointers. Multiple data pointers allow more than one function to access data memory without having to save and restore data pointers each time.

The 16 kbytes of programming memory consists of 8 kbytes of password-protected EEPROM and 8 kbytes of ROM. The inclusion of EEPROM allows the devices to be reprogrammed, which simplifies and reduces the cost of development and field upgrades. The ROM contains routines that allow reprogramming over the I2C interface, SHA-1 authentication, and support for in-circuit debugging. The data EEPROM consists of 128 bytes, while the data RAM is 512 bytes, and is used for temporary data storage.

The device is available in 28-pin TSSOP and TDFN packages with prices starting at $2.50 for quantities of 100 and up. For more information, visit

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