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“Beagle” protocol analyzer retrieves I²C and SPI bus transactions


Sunnyvale, Calif.—Sporting a small footprint suited to field applications and offering both Windows and Linux compatibility, the Beagle I²C/SPI protocol analyzer nonintrusively monitors tranactions in real-time at up to 4 MHz on the I²C bus and up to 24 MHz on the SPI bus, resolving bit-level timing down to 20 nsec.

The analyzer is powered by, and streams data to a host PC through, a USB interface at 480 Mbits/sec. Data capture is limited only by the host machine's physical memory, while the analyzer's high input impedance assures distortionless test results.

Field upgrades are available, also via the USB connection, and software and other upgrades are offered free of charge. The analyzer's functions include interactive filtering by token, packet, address, end point, and data pattern; packet and descriptor decoding; and real-time capture and display.

The protocal analyzer comes with a USB cable, Windows USB drivers, Linux USB hot-plug configuraton files, graphical front-end software, data sheets, and documention. The package sells for $300 each, with quantity discounted available. For example, a 10-unit package sells for $2,850; a 25-unit package for $6,750.

Total Phase, Inc. , 1-408-850-6500, www.totalphase.com

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