Beck IPC expands software development environment -

Beck IPC expands software development environment


LONDON — Beck IPC (Pohlheim, Germany) has released its own edition of the Paradigm C++ Professional development environment to provide an integrated C/C++ development environment for its IPC@CHIP Embedded Web Controller family.

The compiler generates program code that is up to 15 % more compact while the RTOS API and C Library documentation have been integrated in the Help system, and new functions in the Editor, such as Visual Assist and Source Code Browsing, have been added to simplify daily development tasks.

The reduced code size will enable the application program to fully utilize the internal memory of the IPC@CHIP Controller and by using the new development environment, the user can gain up to 30 KBytes more memory.

The Beck Edition supports both the new IPC@CHIP controllers of the SC1X3 family and also the previous SC11, SC12 and SC13 Embedded Controllers. The new C Compiler is source code compatible with the Borland Compiler V5.02, simplifying the changeover.

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