Bi-directional MPEG-2 coders integrate memory and H.264 -

Bi-directional MPEG-2 coders integrate memory and H.264

Fujitsu Semiconductor America   has a new series of second-generation, bi-directional, single-chip H.264/MPEG-2 transcoders with integrated memory that support full HD video (1920 x 1080) and audio data conversion.

The new MB86M01, MB86M02, and MB86M03 devices combine Fujitsu's low power consumption technology with a proprietary algorithm developed by Fujitsu Laboratories that enables higher image quality while reducing the processing burden. With integrated memory, the devices draw just1.2W.

The MB86M01/M02/M03 series provides audio transcoding and the security functions necessary to protect digital broadcast content—along with integrated memory and a connection interface—all in one package.

To meet the audio and video specifications of the user's playback equipment, the MB86M01/M02/M03 series offers robust bidirectional H.264/MPEG transcoding and transrating features.

According to Yifeng Liann, senior manager of strategic marketing at Fujitsu Semiconductor America, the transrating function enables the conversion of H.264 video data into H.264 formats of various video resolutions and bit-rates.

The devices also support the transcoding of audio data for multiple formats. He said this flexibility of format, resolution and bit-rates makes the devices suitable for use in products worldwide, including Japan and the United States (where MPEG-2 is used for broadcasting) and Europe, South America, and Asia (where H.264 is used).

To make the transcoding both more efficient and more power efficient, the trancoding chip integrates 1GBit of Fast Cycle RAM (FCRAM). He said this holds power consumption to just 1.2W when using the H.264 transrating function in full HD.

Connecting two tuner modules to two-tuner input terminals enables simultaneous control of a program as it is being viewed and another program as it is being recorded.

The MB86M01/M02/M03 series also reduces the delay time required during transcoding, which speeds distribution over a network. This represents a significant improvement over the first-generation products.

The MB86M01 is available in FBGA-490, 13mm square (ball pitch 0.5mm) packages, while the MB86M03 comes in FBGA-289, 13mm square (ball pitch 0.65mm) packages.

These compact packages are ideal for mobile products such as tablets, laptops and accessories for smartphones and tablet PCs. The MB86M02 is available with a 21mm-square FBGA-490 package better suited for home-electronics equipment including TVs, DVRs/PVRs and other home digital-recording devices.

Engineering samples of the new MB86M01/M02/M03 series transcoders are available now.

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