Big win for Eclipse -

Big win for Eclipse

The number of applications, tools, drivers, software, etc. that are ported to the Eclipse framework continues to grow. A big win occurred this week when Texas Instruments ported its latest version of Code Compose Studio (version 4) to Eclipse.

TI has been through many iterations with its own Code Composer integrated development environment (IDE), and finally made the decision a couple of years ago to move to Eclipse. And it took that long to migrate everything over, as this is a complete overhaul of the IDE's user interface.

Included in this release is support for the company's MSP430 microcontrollers, its digital signal processors (DSPs), and its ARM-based OMAP application processors. What's not included here are support for the Stellaris processors (from the recent Luminary Micro acquisition). TI says that the Stellaris support will come later in the Fall.

In addition to porting the tools to Eclipse, TI has made some improvements to the IDE as well. For example, it's now easier to manage multi-processor debugging. Each core doesn't need a separate debugger. And thanks to Eclipse, more than 1200 third-party plug-ins support are available for static code analysis, source code control, modeling, and scripting development.

Various pricing options are available depending on the type of license needed, starting with a 30-day free trial and a beginning entry point of $100.

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