BigLever Gears up Ver. 7.0 for software engineering -

BigLever Gears up Ver. 7.0 for software engineering


Austin, Tx. – BigLever Software has just released Gears 7.0, the newest version of its software product line engineering (PLE) tool suite and framework.

The centerpiece of Gears 7.0 is a new API, the PLE Bridge API. According to Dr. Charles Krueger, CEO of BigLever Software, it has been designed to enable engineering tool makers to become part of the PLE ecosystem by making their tools “product line aware” and thereby ready to be included in the unified PLE solutions used by their customers or user communities.

He said the Gears framework allows engineering organizations to establish an automated, feature-based systems and software engineering production system. Very much like a manufacturing factory, he said it is designed to allow software engineers to develop, deliver and evolve an entire product line portfolio through each stage of the engineering lifecycle.

With Gears 7.0 and the PLE Bridge API, engineering tool makers can create PLE bridges that connect to the Gears Framework and make their tools “product line aware”. Providing a PLE bridge to the Gears Framework enables their tools to work synchronously with other “product line aware” tools across the full engineering lifecycle.

BigLever also provides the Gears Bridge SDK, a companion development kit that delivers the complete package of documentation, examples and support materials that tool developers need to quickly and easily build consistent, compatible PLE bridges.

Tool developers are also able to participate in the Bridge Partner Program and Bridge Validation process, which allow tool developers to demonstrate – through a series of validation steps – that their bridge integration fully supports the PLE capabilities defined in the Gears Bridge SDK.

Validated bridge providers can display the BigLever Validated Bridge logo, in order to clearly convey that their bridge product fully supports the industry's best and most successful PLE practices.

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