Biometrics enhance electronic record keeping -

Biometrics enhance electronic record keeping

STMicroelectronics' TouchChip biometric technology is being used by Interlink Electronics in an electronic identity-capturing database. An electronic Notary logbook, called Enjoa (Electronic Notary Journal of Official Acts), which captures the thumbprints and digital photos of those notarizing documents as well as handwritten electronic document to ensure proper notarization process and to eliminate fraud.

Enjoa was developed and manufactured for the US National Notary Association by Interlink Electronics

TouchChip is a capacitive sensor based on active capacitive pixel-sensing technology that allows a fingerprint to be securely captured and stored as electronic data in a fraction of a second. Combined with ePad electronic-signature technologies from Interlink, the TouchChip provides electronic security to more than 4.5 million notaries public around the United States.

Using Enjoa, the NNA has standardized notary procedures that require a signatory to enter his or her signature, thumbprint, and photograph to notarize document signature.

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