Bitboys licenses graphics processor to NEC -

Bitboys licenses graphics processor to NEC


ESPOO, Finland — Bitboys has licensed its G34 graphics processor IP core to NEC Electronics. The 2D/3D graphics processor core provides full-screen, high quality anti-aliasing, multi-texturing, trilinear texture filtering, efficient memory handling and full 32-bit internal and external color.

Performance is enhanced through a programmable geometry engine that supports programmable floating-point vertex shaders, allowing detailed, lifelike scenes and animations. The graphics processor supports industry standard graphics APIs such as OpenGL ES, Microsoft Direct3D Mobile and M3G for J2ME.

The company has just introduced a range of processors which include the G32 which provides graphics acceleration for volume-market wireless devices. It has been designed to be compatible with the new OpenGL ES 1.1 graphics API, with emphasis on small design size and low power consumption.

The G40 provides fully programmable graphics acceleration for smart phone platforms and is a 2D, 3D and vector graphics processor with the OpenGL ES 1.1 feature set and support for upcoming programmable graphics APIs in a small design size with efficient memory bandwidth usage. Programmable vertex and pixel shaders provide for advanced photo-realistic rendering effects and unprecedented visual clarity.

Hardware acceleration is provided for all forms of graphics including 2D bitmap graphics, vector graphics and 3D graphics.

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