BittWare launches software environment for ADI's DSP -

BittWare launches software environment for ADI’s DSP

concord, n.h. — BittWare, Inc. has launched a board support package (BSP) that will enable end-users to develop applications code for Analog Devices TigerSHARC DSP using BittWare's DSP hardware. Developed by EZ-DSP, Ltd., the package called EZ-TigerSHARC BSP for Gedae allows BittWare's customers to take advantage of the productivity-increasing features of Gedae when developing applications for their BittWare TigerSHARC hardware.

“With the introduction of the first TigerSHARC BSP for Gedae, BittWare and EZ-DSP have made a huge step in making it easier for leading military contractors to develop their applications on a TigerSHARC platform,” said Darren Taylor, BittWare's vice president sales and marketing. He noted that customers can use the EZ-TigerSHARC BSP to port their current designs, such as PowerPC-Altivec, to their BittWare hardware. Widely used in military applications, Gedae, developed by Blue Horizon Software (dba Gedae, Inc.), is a software development tool for signal processing algorithm design and implementation on real-time embedded multiprocessor systems. Designed to help embedded systems developers reduce software development costs and build reusable designs, Gedae allows developers to analyze the performance of the embedded implementation and optimize it to various hardware platforms. They can use Gedae to develop hardware-independent code in a graphical environment and then port their designs to any supported hardware. The EZ-TigerSHARC BSP for Gedae allows developers to port their designs to any of BittWare's ADSP-TS201 and ADSP-TS101 TigerSHARC platforms, providing all the TigerSHARC components required to tailor any Gedae design to BittWare hardware. It features cluster bus and link port communication methods in word, block, and DMA modes for extensive interprocessor communications capability. The memory handler offers full use of the TigerSHARC multi-memory block architecture and the external board memory. The BSP also incorporates about 200 of the most popular optimized TS-Lib math library routines from EZ-DSPs extensive optimized library portfolio into the Gedae embeddable library.

The EZ-TigerSHARC BSP also provides networking support, facilitating access for up to 128 TigerSHARC boards on multiple machines with remote access options, allowing the Gedae software and the BittWare hardware to be located in different machines. Debugging tools, such as a register table and log files, are also available. The EZ-TigerSHARC BSP for Gedae is a completely integrated solution allowing our customers to focus on algorithm development. “We are happy to see the Gedae block-programming paradigm come to the TigerSHARC.”stated Kenny Adamson, EZ-DSP (Belfast, Northern Ireland), founder and CEO. The EZ-TigerSHARC BSP for Gedae is available today for Windows and Linux. Priced at $19,000, the BSP is royalty/run-time free when used on BittWare boards. Call: (603) 226-0404

* EZ-TigerSHARC BSP data sheet: * EZ-TigerSHARC BSP info on BittWare web: * EZ-DSP web: * BittWare web: http://


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