Blackfin Image Processing Toolbox -

Blackfin Image Processing Toolbox


Blackfin Image Processing Toolbox is a set of image processing primitives designed to enable faster development of complex image or video processing solutions on Blackfin. It has been highly optimised to be run on Analog Devices? Blackfin processor family. It is a self-contained software module. Product also provides C reference codes and wrapper codes for OpenCV like APIs. Along with this demo code is provided to demonstrate the usage of these primitives on Blackfin.The code has been implemented such that it is able to work on images that are both in L1 and L3 (external memories like SDRAM/DDRAM) memory. Memory movement APIs help in moving data from L3 to L1 and back through MDMA. Note: registration on the Analog Devices' web site is required to download this code.

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