Blockchain security starter kit simplifies design -

Blockchain security starter kit simplifies design

Blockchain designers need faster and simpler ways to integrate hardware-based security features into their digital transactional systems. With that in mind, Infineon Technologies recently introduced its new Blockchain Security 2Go Starter Kit for protecting critical user credentials by providing an easy way to build hardware-based security into their systems.

“The success of the blockchain system hinges on securing user interaction with the distributed database,” according to Stefan Rueping, senior principal security chip architecture at Infineon Technologies. “Infineon’s Blockchain Security 2Go starter kit allows [users] to quickly develop convenient access solutions based on security tokens or embedded security chips that significantly increase security level and trust. Both are fundamental for successful adoption of blockchain-based services.”

Storing blockchain user credentials on a computer or mobile device can lead to major security breaches — software can be infiltrated remotely, and hardware can be stolen. Hackers can assume control of blockchain identity as well as currency, assets, ID, contracts, and other user data. Losing or misplacing user credentials can be problematic because blockchain credentials often can’t be centrally restored. Implementing a security token is typically the safest way to protect credentials from both software and hardware attacks.

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