BLOG: The official Day 1 of ESC -

BLOG: The official Day 1 of ESC


It's the morning of the first “official” Day 1 of the Embedded Systems Conference (ESC) in San Jose. Many of the classes started yesterday, but the Keynote Presentation and the opening of the Exhibit Hall will occur today.

Yesterday, I met with a bunch of vendors to talk about their latest and greatest and also look into their roadmaps (some were more forthcoming than others). We're even starting to engage in some of the plans for ESC Boston in October. Stayed tuned to this column and I'll reveal what's the best of the best at the show and things you can look for in the near future.

We're getting ready to have a rehearsal for the keynote, which is certainly required because the presentation has so many different people and different elements involved. It's not the standard one keynote speaker. As you probably know if you're reading my columns recently, it's a celebration of 20 years of the Embedded Systems Conference. I'm a little nervous (I'm one of the speakers), but I'm also really excited. Hopefully my next blog will be to report how great it was.

See you at the Keynote.

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