BlueRobin second generation low-power wireless protocol -

BlueRobin second generation low-power wireless protocol


IAR Systems has extended its BlueRobin technology which was released earlier this year. It has been developed for robust and reliable wireless data transmission with low power consumption and it is intended that systems using this technology will run for years on a single lithium battery. This is achieved through limitation of the data rate and use of the 868MHz ISM band. It does not require a qualification process.

Using the up to 64 transmitters can be tracked per receiver and different BlueRobin systems can co-exist next to each other without interference. Uni-directional transmission is possible and a typical transmitter with this technology (16-bit data packages and approximately a 100-meter transmission distance) consumes 75A on average. A transmission distance of up to 300 meters is possible.

BlueRobin will be suitable for the transmitting measurement data in industrial units. Linking battery-operated wireless sensors in alarm systems can also be done efficiently.

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