Bluetooth HCI comes to open market -

Bluetooth HCI comes to open market

Fareham, UK — A small Bluetooth Host Controller Interface (HCI) UART developed by design house Elan, to expand its custom design services for developing cards for industrial and consumer applications, is now available to third party designers.

The VPU16551 is for use in Flash Bluetooth card designs and saves board space through use of an integrated Parallel E2. This also enables the Card Information Structure to overcome card recognition problems.

Packaged in a 64 ball BGA package, it conforms to the PC Card and Compact Flash interface standards and can run at 3.3V or 5V.

The UART's architecture has generic support in all Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems, including Windows CE and PocketPC while Elan has custom drivers for CE and WDM in high performance applications.

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