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Bluetooth radio adds FM tuner


The latest trend in Bluetooth radios is to add an FM tuner. That's exactly what Texas Instruments has done with its latest radio, the BlueLink 6.0 platform. According to the company, the BRF6350 platform provides complete hardware and software support, enabling ease of design and speeding time to market for mobile device makers. The solution supports streaming FM stereo music from the handset to a Bluetooth-enabled headset.

Because both Bluetooth and FM functions are integrated on the same silicon, the solution ensures optimal RF co-existence between the two functions, and also provides significant power savings in the most commonly used modes of operation, such as page and inquiry scan. The BlueLink 6.0 single chip also incorporates TI's Bluetooth/WLAN co-existence hardware and software solution, providing a collaborative interface with TI's WiLink mobile WLAN solution for optimal bandwidth and resource sharing.

The BlueLink 6.0 platform includes TI's BlueLink Bluetooth and FM protocol stacks and all software required to work with TI's OMAP platforms and OMAP-Vox chip sets for GSM, GPRS, EDGE, WCMA and UMTS. The solution offers designers the flexibility to work with Linux, Microsoft Windows Mobile, or Symbian operating systems.

BlueLink 6.0 WSP (wafer-scale package) and modules are currently sampling. For more information, go to

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