BOARDS: Configuration tool picks best board enclosure -

BOARDS: Configuration tool picks best board enclosure

LONDON — Designed for use in development systems and for production runs, Verotec (Eastleigh, UK) has introduced a family of 1U, 2U, 3U and 6U configurable integrated systems.

Based on combinations of standard products, a six-step configurator enables the specifier to define the exact system best suited to the application. Three enclosure styles are available: Eurotec case, Diplomat case and Verotec case, each providing a choice of 19 inch rack mounting, desktop or portable form factors. The second choice defines the subrack, available in 84HP (full width) and 42HP (half-width) options.

The IEEE 1101.10/11 KM6-RF subrack system supports VME64X, VPX and cPCI requirements for front and rear plug-up, injector/ejector handles, front panel coding and pre-location, ESD protection and EMC screening. The IEC297 KM6-II is optimized for VMEbus and DIN41612 connector-based applications.

Cooling options range from natural convection cooling, through normal and intelligent rear panel fan panels to standard and intelligent fan trays.

Power supply options include 250 and 500W single embedded units, 250W single and dual pluggable supplies, all with a choice of AC or DC input. cPCI, PXI, VMEbus, VME64X and VPX backplanes can be specified in sizes, which, depending on the architecture, range from 4 Slot to 21 Slot widths. The configurator generates a unique single order code for each combination, making reordering a simple and quick process once the one-time specification process has been completed.

Verotec Ltd.

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