BOARDS: DS1006 processor board enhanced with quad-core processor -

BOARDS: DS1006 processor board enhanced with quad-core processor

The dSPACE (Paderborn, Germany) quad-core DS1006 processor board has an AMD Opteron 2.8 GHz processor to boost the power of hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation. Large models can be distributed across the four cores of the quad-core processor and executed synchronously.

The company says that numerous models that formerly required a system of several processor boards can now run on a single DS1006. On every core, the performance and processor-internal communication of the board provide model execution that is up to 60% percent faster than on its predecessor.

This increase in speed is particularly useful for computing very detailed, CPU-intensive models, such as for gasoline engines with variable valve timing and for diesel engines with in-cylinder pressure measurement.

The high computing speed is also indispensable in the HIL simulation of hybrid drives, because some of the tasks for electric drives have extremely short cycle times and require their own processor core.

Cases that required several single-core DS1006 boards in the past will frequently be handled by one quad-core DS1006 processor board. It is also possible to build systems by connecting several quad-core DS1006 boards,

The real-time interface for multiprocessor systems enables configuration of systems with any combination of multiple cores and/or processor boards and the same user interface is used in all cases: to partition models for optimum utilization of the processor cores; and to define and specify the communication channels for data transmission between the cores of the quad-core DS1006 boards as well as between processor boards.

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