BOARDS: FPGA-based MiniFX handles real-time streaming data -

BOARDS: FPGA-based MiniFX handles real-time streaming data

Targeting applications such as software defined radio, and video processing, generation recording and playback, Embedded Systems Design has just released its 3.5 x 3 inchStreamBlade MiniFX.

Designed to process real-time streaming data, the MiniFX receives streaming data IF samples from two ADCs, performs SDR functions, computes steering vectors (used for direction finding), and provides results via Gigabit Ethernet.

Using Ethernet to implement a distributed computer backplane, configuration, and control, the MiniFX allows developers to take full advantage of a configured Xilinx Virtex-4 FPGA available with a FX20, FX40, or FX60.

The board incorporates a 10/100/1000 Ethernet port, two serial ports, plusan assortment of LVDS connectors which enable direct user-configurable access to the FPGA. With 128MB of DDR2 SDRAM, developers can use the MiniFX as a dual PPC405 processing board, a pure FPGA processing board, or for combinedhardware/software boundary processing.

The board is delivered with the MiniFX Development Kit, which is compliant with Xilinx EDK 8.2i and includes sample applications to help customers begin using the product immediately.

System-on-FPGA (SoFPGA) reference designs are provided, including cores for DDR2 SDRAM control. The development kit also includes utilities for loading FPGA bit streams and PPC405 elf files into MiniFX flash memory.

The MiniFX processing board, part number SB-MiniFX, is available eight weeks ARO. Boards are $2,500.00 in single quantities, configured with FX60 FPGAs.

Embedded Systems Design, Inc.

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