BOARDS - Intel Core i7-based rugged SBCs provide high performance, flexibility -

BOARDS – Intel Core i7-based rugged SBCs provide high performance, flexibility

Charlottesville, Va. – Three new single board computers from GE Intelligent Platforms are the rugged 6U VME VR12, the rugged 6U CompactPCI CR12 and the 6U VME XVB601, all based on Intel Core i7 processor technology operating at up to 2.53 GHz. The company also plans a rugged 6U VPX and rugged 3U VPX, a total of five boards in the product family.

These new boards are characterized by high performance in demanding applications such as radar processing and flight control as well as in general purpose industrial and commercial system-level applications.

The VR12 and CR12 feature the inclusion of two XMC expansion sites in a true single-slot solution, providing customers with access to a broad range of options for I/O, communications and other capabilities. The boards can support up to 8 GBytes of DDR3 SDRAM memory with ECC.

The new generation of Intel Core i7 processors incorporates a number of innovations, including a 32-nanometer manufacturing process that enbles greater performance without compromising power consumption and heat dissipation; integration of the memory controller, delivering lower latency and higher memory bandwidth for data-intensive applications; and the integration of the graphics processor that together with the integration of the memory controller makes the chipset more compact, increases throughput and frees board space.

Pioneering features include Intel Intelligent Power Technology and Intel Turbo Boost Technology, multi-level shared cache, Vectorizing Compiler and Media Accelerators and Efficient Accelerated String- And Text Processing, all of which contribute to increased performance across a range of audio, video, graphics, database and data mining applications.

The VR12 is a rugged 6U VMEbus single board computer featuring an Intel Core i7-610E processor operating at 2.53 GHz. As well as supporting up to 8GBytes of soldered DDR3 SDRAM with ECC, it provides support for two PCI-X PMCs or two x8 PCI Express XMCs. Connectivity includes two front Gigabit Ethernet ports, two Gigabit Ethernet ports, VGA, five USB ports, two DVI ports, three SATA ports and two COM ports. It is available in five ruggedization levels, from benign/office to fully rugged convection cooled.

The CR12 is identical in specification to the VR12, except that it is a CompactPCI single board computer.

The XVB601 is a 6U VMEbus single board computer featuring the Intel Core i7 processor at speeds up to 2.53 GHz and supporting up to 8 GBytes of soldered DDR3 SDRAM with ECC. It features dual on-board expansion slots, with provision for one PCI-X PMC/x4 PCI Express XMC card and one PCI-X PMC board. Connectivity includes two Gigabit Ethernet ports, VGA, eight USB ports, DVI and three COM ports.

All three boards are available to lead customers immediately. General commercial availability of the XVB601 is planned for March 2010, with the VR12 and CR12 planned to follow in the second quarter of the year.

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