BOARDS: PCI Express mini card has dual eSATA ports -

BOARDS: PCI Express mini card has dual eSATA ports

LONDON — The MPX-3132 from BVM is a high performance PCI Express mini card with two external serial ATA (eSATA) ports.

With the ever increasing availability of PCI Express mini card slots on modern motherboards, these modules provide a convenient and efficient means of adding external storage capability to compact systems.

Each eSATA port has a bandwidth of 3Gbits/s and the MPX-3132, based on the Sil3132 SteelVine controller, uses frame information structure(FIS) based switching with a balancing algorithm to ensure a fair allocation of available bandwidth to each drive, aggregating thethroughput to the single lane PCIE host. The unit also supports Port Multipliers.

Available with drivers for Windows and Linux drivers, the card supports RAID 0 (FAST), 1 (SAFE) and BIG drive spanning across twoindependent drives and RAID 0, 1, 10 (SAFE and FAST) and, when attached to a Port Multiplier, RAID 5, which gives particularly lowcost redundancy.

The MPX-3132 is the latest in a rapidly expanding range of Mini-PCI Express mini cards with functions including Video capture andcompression, USB, and serial data ports.


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