BoM RoHS conversion free from Farnell InOne -

BoM RoHS conversion free from Farnell InOne


LONDON — Farnell InOne is providing a free bill of materials (BoM) conversion service to ease the transition to RoHS for design engineers.

To access the service, engineers have to have an account with Farnell InOne and email their BoM, in Excel of spreadsheet format, to a team of specially trained technicians who will match the list of products to RoHS compliant components.

The service should be fast and hassle free with BOMs being turned around within 48 hours. With new RoHS components becoming available all the time, the BoM conversion service allows engineers access to the very latest product lines and provides up-to-the-minute information about RoHS products coming soon. All designer engineers need to do is make sure that product part numbers are included in the BoM, regardless of the manufacturer.

Gary Nevison, Farnell InOne’s RoHS specialist said, “A recent BOM we received included 3,600 products, which we matched to RoHS compliant components within just two hours. With time ticking away and only seven months left before the RoHS deadline, we’re committed to helping make the changeover as easy as possible. Farnell InOne is the first and fastest port of call for everyone’s RoHS needs.”

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