Boost converter operates at 0.7 V

A synchronous step-up µModule, the LTM4661 from Analog Devices comes in a slim 6.25×6.25×2.42-mm BGA package for use in low-voltage optical modules and battery-powered equipment. The power module contains a switching DC/DC controller, MOSFETs, inductors, and supporting components. Only a few capacitors and one resistor are needed to complete the design.

Operating from an input supply of 1.8 V to 5.5 V, the LTM4661 regulator continues to operate down to 0.7 V after startup. Output voltage is set by a single resistor ranging from 2.5 V to 15 V. The device provides 4 A continuously at 3.3 VIN to 5 VOUT and 0.7 A continuously at 3.3 VIN to 12 VOUT .

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