Bootable embedded flash drive suits handsets, consumer electronics -

Bootable embedded flash drive suits handsets, consumer electronics


M-Systems DOC H3 is the company's latest Embedded Flash Drive (EFD) based on DiskOnChip architecture. DOC H3 solves complex NAND media issues, allowing for a quick integration of the latest and most cost-effective NAND flash media into mobile handsets and consumer electronics devices. DOC H3 offers boot capabilities and allows for a faster time to market from inception to production. DOC H3 is most suited for memory-hungry devices such as multimedia mobile handsets, digital music players, GPS devices, portable media players, and car infotainment systems.

DOC H3 features an advanced controller with Execute in Place (XIP) boot capabilities and a built-in version of M-Systems’ TrueFFS flash management software running internally as firmware from within the device. The result is a plug-and-play storage device, which practically eliminates the inherent difficulties of raw NAND media integration, providing a standard, self-contained storage solution, requiring little software support.

Engineering samples of DOC H3 will be available in the first quarter of 2006, with availability for mass production planned for the second quarter. It will come in densities of 128 Mbytes to 2 Gbytes, in FBGA packages and will operate at 1.8 or 3.3 V. More information is available at

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