Boundary scan add-on eases production testing -

Boundary scan add-on eases production testing

CAMBRIDGE, England — XJTAG has developed XJRunner, a graphical add-on to its XJTAG boundary scan development system and designed for production sites that need to improve and speed up the testing of densely populated printed circuit boards — particularly those with JTAG devices such as ball grid array (BGA) and chip scale devices, flip chips and other high-density packages, which cannot be tested by traditional methods.

XJRunner has a graphical interface and can be configured to provide simple pass/fail or more sophisticated test routines. It can be used to test a high proportion of the circuit including JTAG and non-JTAG devices such as BGAs, CSPs, SDRAMs, Ethernet controllers, video interfaces, flash memories, FPGAs, and microprocessors.

To ensure traceability of boards during manufacture, XJRunner provides logging and support for serial numbers. The file locking capabilities allow information to be shared safely across multiple production lines.

To ensure that the production line administrator has all relevant data to create an XJRunner project and commence testing, XJTAG has also developed XJPack. This enables the designer or developer to automatically select or “pack” all the relevant data for a particular board — BSDL files, netlists, XJEase files, pin mapping files etc. — for forwarding to the production facility. This will be useful when working with contract manufacturing.

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