Boundary scan environment packs next-generation user interface -

Boundary scan environment packs next-generation user interface


Jena, Germany—IEEE-1149.x boundary scan supplier GOEPEL electronic is rolling out a different GUI (graphical user interface) for its existing SYSTEM CASCON boundary scan software platform.

Life Cycle Support

The user interface now features Multi-Phase-Inspector , supporting all product life cycle stages, from the management of design data and boundary scan applications in the lab, to new product introduction in the manufacturing environment. It also encompasses MPT (manufacturing process test), fault analysis at repair stations, and field service applications.

This all occurs within one integrated software environment. “New users, or occasional users, will appreciate the user-friendliness of this platform,” avows Heiko Ehrenberg, Manager of US Operations at GOEPEL electronics.

Three Work Spaces

At the Multi-Phase-Inspector's core are three work spaces dubbed Design Inspector, Application Inspector , and Production Inspector . These spaces guide you through various project phases.

Within a selected work space, tasks and actions are logically arranged as individual branches in a tree structure. Selecting a particular branch provides access to tools, files, options, and reports linked to the task at hand.

30 Tools

SYSTEM CASCON includes thirty integrated tools, linked intelligently to each other. Goepel contends this integrated development environment results in a very high transparency of underlying processes, letting you rapidly solve problems with the help of interactive analysis tools.

Auto-Scripting and Auto-Generation features also can be used to automatically generate an intelligent (UUT) (unit under test) data base, as well as any test and ISP (in-system programming) applications in automated process batches. That further enhancing the test system's ability to boost productivity.

Design changes or BOM (bill of material) variations, for example, can be accommodated with user controlled Auto-Scripting by automatically processing all project data and re-generating all test and ISP applications.

Goepel says development times for ISP of flash memory and PLD s (programmable logic devices), as well as all kinds of boundary scan test procedures are significantly shortened compared to conventional, non-integrated approaches.

Re-Use Settings

With a myCASCON feature, SYSTEM CASCON now manages various user's individual projects, automatically initializing project files and settings from a previous session when a user logs in again. These operating system functions are beneficial not only for the individual user, but support the management of concurrent engineering throughout a company.

SYSTEM CASCON boundary scan software is also scalable through an integrated license manager. Desired software configurations for development stations, programming stations, test stations, debug and repair stations, or service stations can be customized with enable codes, supporting both node-locked license and floating license arrangements.

This approach also permits temporary reconfigurations, and supports third-party integrations, implemented through a CASCON API (application programming interface) called CAPI .

The system's GUI with Multi-Phase-Inspector is available with SYSTEM CASCON v4.3. First systems of this release have been delivered; the software update is free of charge for users with a valid software maintenance contract.

For additional information contact Stefan Meissner at GoPEL electronic GmbH, Gschwitzer Str. 58/60, 07745 Jena, Germany. Phone: 49-3641-6896-39. Fax: 49-3641-6896-44. E-mail: or

Or, contact Gopel electronics LLC, 9600 Great Hills Trail, Suite 150 W., Austin, Texas 78759. Phone: 512-502-3010. Fax: 512-502-3076. E-mail:

GoPEL electronic LLC , 512-502-3010,

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