Boundary-scan package provides turn-key test solution -

Boundary-scan package provides turn-key test solution

TestGenie is a boundary-scan test solution targeted specifically to companies with restricted resources, limited JTAG experience, fixed schedules, and tight test budgets.

It is a service-oriented product, based on Corelis’ ScanExpress software family, provides customers with a complete boundary-scan test procedure along with a production-ready execution station.

TestGenie is said to be suitable for companies that:  

  • Have a limited test budget
  • Have limited JTAG experience
  • Are uncertain if the tool costs will ever be recovered
  • Are not able to pursue boundary-scan due to tight product schedules
  • Do not have the resources to allocate to learn boundary-scan or write test procedures
  • Are overwhelmed by the technical requirements for boundary-scan
  • Have a limited number of design projects utilizing boundary-scan devices
  • Are unwilling to take the risk of failing with boundary-scan. 

The TestGenie system includes:

  • Board Specific Perpetual Licenses for:
    ScanExpress Runner
    ScanExpress ADO
    ScanExpress Viewer
  • USB JTAG controller
  • 12 month hardware and software support contract
  • Test procedure development for one Unit Under Test (UUT).

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