Brainboxes : PCI Express cards provide LPT connectivity -

Brainboxes : PCI Express cards provide LPT connectivity


Brainboxes, a leader in Bluetooth and serial connectivity, is expanding its PCI Express range. The latest cards add LPT ports to the range. The three latest variations are PX-157 – Low Profile LPT Port, PX-146 – Standard Height LPT Port and PX-475 – Standard Height LPT +1 RS232 Port.

The uPCI versions of these cards are top sellers for Brainboxes and as more customers move from uPCI to PCIe we remain committed to ensuring that we provide connectivity solutions which keep pace with the advances in technology and their end user requirements.

These LPT variations have been designed and manufactured in-house and will be a great addition to the current range of PCI Express. As LPT ports are no longer built into PCs these cards will allow you to include printer connectivity used in many industrial and retail applications.

Few of the latest PCI Express PCs come with the long established LPT printer port. These can now be added using Brainboxes products, the cards provide fully bi-directional Standard Printer Ports (SPP) allowing complete backwards compatibility with a wide range of peripherals. They also come with Brainboxes’ acclaimed customer support package, including Lifetime Warranty & Support, that makes Brainboxes stand out above other manufacturers and makes them the serial card supplier of choice for companies around the world. Eamonn Walsh, Brainboxes Managing Director stated “These products have been designed to meet the continuing demand for parallel ports while integrating with the latest technology. For example:

“One of our roll outs, for a European Post Office, use these cards to connect to a label and receipt printer in their EPOS system. Our cards ensure that they can continue to benefit from pervious investments in peripherals that connect to devices with serial and printer ports while using the latest technology of PC platforms.”

Another application of Brainboxes LPT products is with an EPOS System Integrator. The self-service till used in the US and Europe, requires an additional receipt printer. Systems Integrators chose Brainboxes cards ahead of any others because of our reputation for providing reliable fit and forget solutions.

The full PCI Express range comprises Standard Height and Low Profile versions of 1, 2, 3, 4 & 8 Port variants in RS232 and 1, 2 & 4 Port RS422/485, Opto isolated versions also available. Cards are supplied with an installation CD including manual, Microsoft signed drivers & utilities. Brainboxes is a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner and these cards are compatible with 32 bit and 64 bit editions of Windows Server 2008, Vista, XP, Server 2003 and 2000. This range also comes with Brainboxes’ acclaimed Serial Solutions software, which is installed in hundreds of thousands of systems worldwide and is recognised to provide industry leading stability and reliability.

About Brainboxes

Established in 1984, Brainboxes has just entered its 25th and most innovative year of trading to date. Brainboxes is one of the leading PC communication card developers and manufacturers in the World and is continuously expanding its product ranges. Headquartered in Liverpool, UK, it has a team of highly qualified software and hardware designers, matched by a world-class volume manufacturing facility. Brainboxes was named the Manufacturing Institute’s Small Business of the Year and Champions of Best Practice in 2007. The company also won the 2005 Elektra Manufacturer of the Year award. Brainboxes is a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner.

The company develops and owns all of its own core technologies, including USB, CompactFlash, PCMCIA, ExpressCard, Bluetooth, PCI Express and PCI products. It is at the forefront of developments in serial card and wireless technology. Current customers include Acer, Agilent, Fujitsu, Fujitsu Siemens Computers, HP, IBM, Lenovo, Panasonic, Reuters and Toshiba.

Further information is available from Brainboxes website at

Lauren Cronley, Marketing, Brainboxes
Telephone: +44 151 220 2500

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