Brazil - the expanding opportunity -

Brazil – the expanding opportunity


If you are near Santa Clara on Wednesday 31st October and want a concise update on the current state of embedded technology development in Brazil there is a unrivaled opportunity for you.

Brazil is experiencing sustained economic and technological growth, weathering the ups and downs of the global financial downturns relatively unscathed. This strong economy has created unprecedented opportunities for embedded systems design in several markets, and has resulted in an increase of companies investing in local development.

A panel discussion at ARM TechCon will provide insights into the Brazilian government's large microelectronics investments as well as an insider´s view on embedded development for industry markets.

The panel members will include:

* Jonny Doin – (Session Chair) – Head Engineer of Alfa Instrumentos Eletrônicos.
* José Antonio Scodiero – Founder and CEO, FAST Company Brasil / ARM South America.
* Eric Ericson Fabris – PhD, Professor at Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), President of SBMicro (Brazilian Society of Microelectronics).
* Fernando Coelho – Founder and CEO of ImagineAge TV, an over-the-network digital TV distribution startup
* Joe Frisby – Manager of Business Development South America, ARM
* David Blaza – VP, UBM Electronics

The session takes place on Wednesday October 31st in the Alameda Room at The Hyatt Regency,  Santa Clara from 8:00 am to 9:00 am and
breakfast will be served! All the organizers ask is that you sign up in advance here.

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