Brazilian printers move on Europe -

Brazilian printers move on Europe

Northwich, UK — Able Systems has signed a distribution agreement with Brazilian printer manufacturer, Bematech International, to be its sole distributor of Bemtech's range of Kiosk printers in the UK, Ireland, France and the Netherlands.

Bematech was established in 1990 and has expanded through the growing banking and retail point-of-sale markets. It manufacturers kiosk printers, including small design/automatic cutter models, high print-speed and thermal printers. The company also offers a customised range of kiosk printers and Able will be taking on the both the standard and customised product ranges.

Mike Robinson, director at Able Systems, said, “With the expanding European market for point-of-sale applications, we are confident that by adding such an extensive range of kiosk prints we can increase sales penetration into this growing area. We always work closely with customers on the design-in of printers and we can now offer a range of customised kiosk printers which will help us to win new business”.

Pictured signing the contract at Able Systems' headquarters in Cheshire, England are Mike Robinson, Director, Able Systems and Marcel Malczewski, President/CEO of Bematech.

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